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Our desire is to cast a vision for life in the Kingdom of God, which

inspires people to live in a daily interactive relationship with Jesus.
A life flourishing with faith, hope and love. A life overflowing with an intimacy with God leading to freedom, peace, joy and wholeness. 

Teaching in the areas of Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Leadership and Soul Care are our passion. Some of the topics we are drawn to include:

• Living in the Kingdom of God
• Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Disciplines & Practices  
• Stewarding a Healthy Soul 

• Qualities of Spiritual Leadership
• Discerning the Will of God

• Spiritual Growth and Health
• Following Jesus
• Hearing God
• Spiritual Friendships

• Sermon on the Mount

• The Teachings of Jesus

• Living Life to the Full

• Intro to Enneagram
• Overcoming Busyness and Hurry
• Six Spiritual Streams

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Living life to the Full

 A one day conference

Jesus teaches us that “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

What does living life to the full look like? 
During this conference we will go on a journey to discover the answer to this question. The four sessions include:

1. Diagnosing our Deeper Yearnings

Our soul has yearnings and longings that can drive us toward seeking satisfaction in all kinds of ways. Life to the full can only be experienced as we discover that our greatest yearnings are for God himself.


2. Distinguishing God’s Voice 
Our yearning for God is satisfied through a relationship with Him and what makes a relationship most satisfying is when we experience an interactive two-way relationship. This kind of relationship with God requires us to distinguish and recognise God’s voice 

3. Determining our Pace
Relationships aren’t formed in a hurry. Life to the full with God, is lived at a certain pace. God invites us to an un-rushed life and to live at the pace where love is best experienced and expressed. 


4. Diligently caring for our Soul

Not caring for our soul can lead to depletion, cynicism and burn out. Life to the full can only be experienced as we steward our soul wisely by developing healthy strategies to sustain our spirit, emotions, mind, body and key relationships.

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Creating Space to
Curate our Life with God

A half day conference 

We cant curate our life with God in a hurry. We need to intentionally create space in our life for the rhythms and practices which help us to develop and deepen our life with God. 

This half day conference includes two sessions:

1. Creating Space for God

2. Curating our Life with God

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